May 19, 2024
Alexander Gabuev: A Leading Expert on Russian Foreign Policy

Alexander Gabuev: A Leading Expert on Russian Foreign Policy

Alexander Gabuev is a prominent figure in the field of international relations, specializing in Russian foreign policy. He currently serves as the director of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center in Berlin, where he leads a team of researchers and analysts providing valuable insights into Russia’s role in global affairs.

Early Career and Journalistic Background:

Gabuev’s journey began in the world of journalism. He started his career at Kommersant, a leading Russian business newspaper, in 2007. Throughout his time there, he held various positions, including senior diplomatic reporter, member of the Kremlin press corps, and deputy foreign editor. This experience allowed him to gain firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of Russian politics and diplomacy, laying a strong foundation for his future academic pursuits.

Transition to Research and Analysis:

In 2015, Gabuev transitioned from journalism to research, joining the Carnegie Moscow Center as a senior fellow. This move marked a turning point in his career, allowing him to delve deeper into the complexities of Russian foreign policy and share his findings with a broader audience. His research focused on various aspects of Russian foreign policy, including relations with China, the Middle East, and the former Soviet states.

Establishment of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center:

In 2022, following the closure of the Carnegie Moscow Center by the Russian government, Gabuev played a pivotal role in establishing the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center in Berlin. This new center serves as a crucial platform for independent research and analysis on Russia and Eurasia, fostering critical dialogue and understanding in the wake of heightened geopolitical tensions.

Areas of Expertise:

Gabuev’s expertise encompasses a wide range of topics within Russian foreign policy, with a particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Russia-China relations: Gabuev is a leading authority on the increasingly close relationship between Russia and China. He has extensively analyzed the motivations and implications of this strategic partnership, examining its impact on global power dynamics and regional security.
  • The war in Ukraine: Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in 2022, Gabuev has provided insightful commentary and analysis on its causes, consequences, and potential trajectories. He has delved into the decision-making processes within the Russian government, assessed the impact of Western sanctions, and explored the possibilities for diplomatic resolution.
  • Russian domestic politics: Gabuev recognizes the inextricable link between domestic politics and foreign policy in Russia. He closely monitors developments within the Russian political system, analyzing how internal power struggles and ideological shifts influence the country’s external behavior.

Contributions and Recognition:

Gabuev’s contributions to the field of international relations have been widely recognized. He has published numerous articles and reports in leading academic journals and publications, including the Financial Times, The Economist, and Foreign Affairs. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events, providing expert commentary on current events and engaging in discussions with policymakers, scholars, and the public.

Looking Ahead:

As the world grapples with the complex challenges posed by Russia’s assertive foreign policy, Gabuev’s expertise remains invaluable. His insightful analysis and nuanced understanding of Russian decision-making processes provide crucial insights for policymakers, scholars, and the general public alike. In the years to come, Gabuev is sure to continue playing a leading role in shaping our understanding of Russia and its place in the international order.

Additional Notes:

  • Gabuev is fluent in Russian, English, and French.
  • He is a Senior Advisor at the Asian Society Global Policy & Institute.
  • He is active on social media, particularly Twitter (@AlexGabuev), where he shares his thoughts and insights on current events.

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